Monday, July 31, 2006

on being 18

gosh i just turned 18 (july 30).
nothing really much happened save that i ate lunch together with my sisters and their friend at don henricos. it was simle meal of pizza, buffalo wings, pesto, crab pasta whatever, and another pasta, nacho salad and my all time favorite cake: Black forest.

so after 18 years of existence where exactly am i? or what have i done?

uh... i dont know. i guess the funny thing with my life is that the more i think about what has happened to me, the more i contemplate on the issues of my life, the more puzzled i become. tada!- the paradox of life.

but what exactly is my existence? am i a product if mere coincidence or do i exist because i have a purpose? id rather choose the latter because otherwise my life would be useless and my whole existence would never have a significance.

but then, the premise of all these things is that: 1. i exist and no. 2. i am a human.

but then other implications arrise: 1. what does it mean to "exist" and is my "existence" parallel to the "real" meaning of "exixtence" as proposed in the "real world"? or am i just a figment of the imagination or the "ideal" and as such hold no relative significance at all? or if i do exist, is my existence the "ideal" or the "ant-ideal"?

2. am i human? is to be human merely having a physical body of carbon or is it to act and think logically in all "human" aspects? if so where am i in the spectrum? Assuming that the first is the extreme left of the spectrum and the latter the extreme right? i hope i am in the middle or if not i am progressing towards the middle at the same time achieving both internal and external equilibrium characterized by a balance of thought from the vantage point of the personal and the social, which then brings me to the question of whether of not i am part of the society or whether or not i am ostracized?

but then who am i to question society? but by not questioning society or its institutions, i replicate the notion that as "agents" we are mere products of the "system" but in reality we can move the "system" and that the "system" and the "agent" has a mutual symbiotic reaction.

no, i am not having a midlife crisis. it is about time to question my existence since i just turned 18.
happy birthday to me.

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Friday, July 28, 2006


gosh, i only realized this now:
the havaianas you see on top is exactly the one i have (well maybe not, it has a brazil pin embellished in it though) . my make-your-own havaianas pair. cool. thanks chevy, again (and again).

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my nose is like a faucet coz i have a runny nose. im exaggerating (spelling right?). i am applying for this org and tradition says i should get a buddy. so i bought my buddy (it was an auction) for P2500, yup. two thousand, five hundred pesos. that is equivalent to four havaianas tops. but that is okay, ill be paying it in installments (im poor) together with my partner, so that makes it P1, 250. but definitely our buddy is so cool and helpful. yup! hes cute but taken (sorry girls). hope we get in the org.

im having a headache. my body hurts coz my teacher in PE (weightraining) insisted i try the heavy stuff and should perfect the form of lifting stuff. waaaaaaah!!! it was fun but so so tiring (why did ieven choose it in the first place?!). so here i am in the Shopping center, making my speech outline which i forgot to make which is due today. whew! what a day.

i was in katipunan yesterday and i saw "joaqui", that guy from PBB teen. hes from ateneo now. not really interesting. so so so. i was with my buddy and partner etc. we ate dinner somewhere and hanged out at Seattle's best....

im so happy. am i?
can someone give me havaianas?
41-42, brown top
41-42, green brazil
41-42, white brazil
41-42, yellow brazil
thank you. ill hug and kiss whoever gives me any (or all) of the above mentioned.


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Friday, July 21, 2006

First post in New Skin?!

as i begin using this new skin, id like to thank the person who made it possible: CHEVY, i have linked her in my blog so feel free to surf over hers, bwahahahahaha ( evil laugh with thunder and lightning plus drum roll and the "tana-nana-nana")


to Ayesha and Jam:

happy 18th bday.
yesh, though i wasnt there during your bonggatious party (with the 11tier cake, live band, 4 sets of gowns and tiaras, imported candles and balloons, custom made gowns from US for the cottillion, and the fireworks plus men and ladies all prim and proper), im sure you enjoyed it. though i wanted to go, an airplane ride is just too costly, ill just probably hug you in december... the baby is now a lady.

happy 18th bday.
jammy, for all the talks we had, thank you. im sure you had a blast too and im sure you are really doing well. i wish for more pompous stuff and keep the fire of glamour burning. where's the glamour? you! are the glamour.

im rushing the bibliography of my Art Stud class and i hate it. going through all that microfilm made me dizzy. uggggh! (operation bonamine : free sponsorships please). well i dont really have plans this coming weekend... i guess ill just sleep. im deprived of it (really now?!).

got to go.

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

pluto pop

this is me. pluto.

help. i need to read this book: social construction of reality. waaaah!!! it is just too much for a student like me. the subject of the book is so so simple, yet the authors manage to make it appear so abstract and vague. gosh. i need to finish it by thursday.

okay, enough about that. UAAP season is about to start. go UP. hehehe. im plannig to watch the opening in the Araneta Col. blah blah blah.

im joining an org. wow, finally, after waiting for a year, i have decided to join this org. ill tell you more about this org if i get accepted (i hope ill get in).

please leave a comment here or in the chatbox.


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