Thursday, December 07, 2006

im back: rebel singapore, christmas list and me!

whew! so much for that blog leave.

it is almost christmas. this coming friday deb soc will be having a party! yey! i hope it would be really (to the superlative) fun. :)

there was this really deeply moving short film i saw recently in cine veritas- a human rights film fest in the university of the philippines. it was about how supressed most singaporeans are. how they arent really allowed to say something against their government. i didnt really think that could still happen in a first world country. its kinda pathetic if you ask me. they have so much wealth yet they couldnt even say that there is something wrong with their government. hu hu hu. you may watch the teaser ( i dont know where to look for the full version) on the filmakers blog : . his blog is really cool and i hope i can link it soon. :)

my wish list for christmas 06

santa!!! where the fweep are you?! waaah, i need you.i know most people dont have money (like me...) and thats precisely why this is a christmas wishlist, coz these are just wishes (unless some very caring person decides to but one of the items stated here, clap clap for you).

here it goes...
(in order of importance)

1. a laptop (preferably and 12inch one, white or black, with wifi, dvd rom and has a cd writer...)
2. a new phone! ive had my phone for ages (my other jurassic phone got stolent too).
3. a digicam i can trully call my own (5 to 6 megapixels will do...)
4. an mp3 player (can be an ipod or a zen micro)
5. a personal digital assistant or PDA (uhmmm a palm zire or palm life drive hehe)
6. havaianas (i need more, hehehe my size is 41-42, uhm brown top, a blue/yellow/black brazil)
7. shopping money (proletariats still know the essence of shopping you know)
8. fully booked, national bookstore and powerbooks gift certificates! (fyi: im literate)
9. dwarf planet pluto's reinstallment as a planet (kill the national astronomical union)
10. world peace

may we all have a wonderful christmas and holiday season.

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