Wednesday, March 28, 2007

thee urge

every once in a while we suddenly have the urge to do something we haven't done before. posting pics of myself in my blog is definitely not one of those sudden urges. the title isnt exactly connected with what im suppose to say, coz i dont even know what to post in the first place.

i could often smell dried grass and dust, i could hear the lapping of waves and the chirping of the friendly (and unfriendly) birds. these things only point out to one thing: summer.
aah, i love summer :-)

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Monday, March 12, 2007

comments on big shame

a few days (or weeks) ago, i posted an entry with the title 'big shame.' i did it as a result of my convictions and nothing else. i received comments on that entry and so far, most of them agreed with me. there are however people who do otherwise. i completely respect their point of view and gladly posted their comments. but as to make things a bit more fair, let me defend my stand on the issue.

noni v. said...

Yes I agree with you. Cayetano is a modern day undercover trapo he's concealing it with his mouth blabbing dramas , same with CRAZY CHIZ,both of them will do nothing but filibustering in the senate that will destabilize our government and economy as well. They look like candidates for the PINOY IDOL ,wowowowie or eat bulaga contests. Kengkoy political ads.

yes, noni, i may say that too. im definitely not alone.

cris reyes said...

Going through your stupid blog, i can see why you aren't in touch with what going on... you've been too self absorbed in your virtual make believe world where you think people actualy care about things you say. You're pathetic. get a life. read a newspaper. go to congress ,watch the debates. Go to the streets, talk to people. Kakahiya mga sinusulat mo sa blog, kaya pinagtatawanan tayong mga taga UP eh, mga tulad mo, trying hard.1. Pangilinan2. Noynoy3. Cayetano4. Escudero

my reply...

hello cris. i dont really care if im in my make believe world for as long as im happy. this blog was meant as a phantasy construction as what lacanian psychoanalysis would say. this does not mean however that everything that i say is stupid and worthless. the fact that you commented on my blog is a manifestation that there is some sense in my entries. the fact that somehow, this 'stupid', 'make believe world' generated even a very small discourse is a testatment that even the 'make believe' is anchored in the 'real.'

you claim that nobody will care about what i do and what i post. im just confused, i know for a fact that only a few people read my blog and i dont really find that as a problem and im happy with that. im not expecting to change the philippines or the world with this blog because it was created as an extension of my 'self.' what makes me confused however is the idea that a complete stranger suddenly posts a comment on my blog and says that nobody will care about what i write. the fact that the person gave time to read the entry is a clear sign that somehow, somewhere in the anonymity of the internet someone cares. i find this type of logic rather wrong.

i do have a life. i may most of the time say that im drifting away or say that im lost,but i still have a life. i read the newspaper, talk to people and definitely watch and partcipate in debates. its completely wrong to judge me on the mere basis of that blog entry. you defintely dont know me. call me 'trying hard' or whatever, no problem with me, at least im trying and doing something. to add to that, i think those activists in UP are also trying hard. no offense to them. i believe there is nothing wrong with being an activist or 'trying hard'. what is wrong with them however is that they tend to forget why they are in UP in the first place: to study. they should (we should, since were from UP) remember the blood and sweat of the millions who fund our education. we should never compromise that by spending too much on rallies or cutting classes just to join a useless (and sometimes fruitless) mobilization. do your duty first before anything else. personally, i think rallies and mobilizations are overused. they only cause more economic instabilities. we should look for other means to change this semi feudal-semi capitalist philippines.

lisa reyes said...

Hi! I just want to share that im voting for ALAN CAYETANO! and im proud of it! im voting for Alan, Chiz and NoyNoy...If you havent heard of alan cayetano before, its your loss, he's been one of the brightest young stars of congress. Ive been keeping track of him since i did a paper on spice bohys/bright boys 5 years ago, im dissapointed with the likes of Zubiri and Defensor...Cheers!

my reply...

lisa. thank you for sharing who you will vote this coming elections. exactly! if i havent heard about cayetano before its my loss and not yours. thank you for your concern anyway. i completely respect your choice. this is after all a 'democratic' country, where opposing decisions and choices are respected.

i still believe that no single family holds monopoly over intelligence or the right to serve the country.
i hope that lisa, noni and cris could read this entry and probably leave a link to their blogs too. :-) links exchange anyone?!

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