Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Birthday :-)

i wanted to post these things much much earlier but i didnt really have much time. so here it goes. july 30 is my birthday. i didnt really plan anything special since i live by the rule of spontaneity. so i just went with my routine: go to class, attend meetings and eat. jennie called me and invited me to go to Embassy Superclub because Steve Aoki and Mark Hunter will be there. So i said yes. we were able to meet Mark Hunter! I had so much fun, and oh, Bryan Boy was there too! :-)

more on this next post. i have to go to my economic geography class. :-)
*thanks to for the last two photos.
*link to the event: :-)

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Anonymous kaams said...

Hei Pluts. You really had fun during your birthday! Hehe. I love the shutter shades huh! =) I met Steve Aoki too last year at Embassy. Hehe. He's the BOMB!

11:34 PM  

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