Thursday, July 24, 2008

Paranoia of a liberated man 1

since im trying to revive this blog, i decided to write again. thanks to clyde for somewhat inspiring me to continue writing no matter how futile this may seem. :-)

perhaps it is good to answer certain questions that i have never really answered when i started this blog. ill begin with why i am paranoid and what exactly do i mean by a liberated man?

im paraniod for so many reasons. im paranoid because im afraid to age, im afraid of cats, dogs and frogs. im paranoid because somdeday the sun will cease to shine, the rivers will cease to flow; there will be too many people in the philippines and no more space for my soul. im paranoid because there are so many sexist individuals in the world. im paranoid because someday this imperfect world will end and i will never see it become the utopia ive always dreamed about.

im paranoid for so many reasons but perhaps the most disturbing thing that i see is how we continue to live lives that are still bounded by conventions and stereotypes despite the fact that we live in a democracy and believe that man has transcended its dark ages.

i think man should be liberated from these things.

*photo of the University of the Philippines Carillon, i took this photo a few months ago.

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Blogger anna katrina said...

wow. inpiration ever. hehehe. how are u?

3:15 AM  
Anonymous claudiopoi said...

but what did i do to make you blog, pluto? :)

12:48 PM  

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