Thursday, September 14, 2006

pluto as a planet movement

On August 24, 2006 (Philippine Time) the International Astronomical Union finally gave “planet Pluto” the final decision. That Pluto will not be anymore considered as a planet, and hence not part of the 9 planet model (and so it is now an 8 planet model). Pluto will now be classified as a “dwarf planet.”

Let us fight this kind of planetary discrimination.
Let us fight for our cultural heritage.

Post a message on the chat box and join the Yahoo group.


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Thursday, September 07, 2006

im happy. so so happy

yesterday at around 7am, i rushed to mcdonald's to buy lunch and then went to AS aka Palma Hall for the final interview of UPDS. it was so so secret...
anyways by 5:30 they announced who were accepted and im one of them.

Yipeeee! my first (and probably and most likely the only) org in UP.
GO UP Debate Society!
UP Fight!

*i cant give much details coz it is org policies.

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