Wednesday, March 29, 2006

almost summer

i just finished my last final exam today at around 11:30 in AS (aka Palma Hall).
it wasn't really easy nor was it too hard, i just hope my prof would enjoy the ssays i made.

okay, that is pretty normal. weird?! im suppose to be one of those wacky and weird people but then why am i acting normal lately? gosh, i guess iv'e finally settled and coformed with the norms of this radical and crazy world of men (and women for the sake of feminists, ruling and the proletariat class for the marxists).

in a few minutes, its about 1:05 pm, dorm time...
im going to la salle to fetch luke, my classmate, were going to go to jessa, as in jessamine lim, my classmate back in high school because she will be leaving for canada... sob sob sob.... i will surely miss herl.
anyways, bea and eleiza will be going with us too! cool, they know the place where jessa stays and i dont. hehehe.

that is all for now guys (and gals for the feminists,)

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

im back,

it has been quite a while since i havent really written anything in my blog.
gosh, i feel so weird after everything that has happened.

i was not recommended for any dormitory next sem. sad. yah, partly. i guess i understand the reason for not being recommended. i know i had mistakes but that does not mean the other people who got recommended didnt have any. i am not bitter, just telling the truth.

im not the only person who believes that there is some sort of politicking in this whole recommendation process- where objectivity is often smeared with subjectivity. this is so typical of pinoys. haaah.

but hey! im going to live in a condominium unit together with some dormates. that would definitely be cool.

till next post.

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Friday, March 17, 2006


this is jam. pluto asked me to write here that:

tonight might be the night.

i shall be glorious enough to step down on people who have been sonuvabitches enough to deserve what i'm gonna to do.

*evil laugh with thunder and lightning in the background*

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