Friday, January 27, 2006

mere passersby

[im so sorry for having a seroius tone these past few entries]

i have always believed that one of my friends is a really true friend, but then again this is another illusion that i only realized when he started to become distant to me. i have known this person for quite a long while (that is, if you consider more that seven months of staying in the same dorm and basically eating the same cafeteria food long enough) and i had really nice, heart to heart talks with this person. this was and is a part of a grand scheme. the scheme is to hide his inner motives which i dont know and i dont care. i would like to warn you that this person is very illusive and cunning. (but don't worry, as soon as i figure out everything ill post it soon, hehehehe yah, i do care. i want to spill it to everyone. hahahaha, how's that for sweet revenge).

im writing this post because i want to tell this person that i never hated him. we were never close enough for me to hate him.
i dont exactly know why he never talks to me or even says "hi". but who the heck cares? he is a mere passerby in my life, together with the thousands of people i've probably encountered. he belongs to the echelon of society who do not and who will not probably leave a mark in my life. i really do hope someone from my corridor (the basement) prints this entry and posts it in the freedom board, for i want this person to know how i feel.

moving on, since he realized that i am mr. invisible, i also did the same. equality, i call it. whenever i meet or see him in the corridors or anywhere, i don't say "hi", smile or do anything. i just go on with my simple yet happy life. he is starting to fade away. all his memories will soon die and it is coming near (im loving it!)
life is pretty the same. i have moved on since he is'nt really a big deal. and to tell you honestly, im enjoying every single second of this.
by the way, let me retract, he has left a mark on me. the longest time i never talked to a friend. hehehe. how's that for a mark PASSERBY?

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


im writing this entry as a desperate measure to spill all my frustrations.

it has been quite a while since i did not talk to somebody in the dorm. it is not my fault why i am doing this. before, we would casually talk and enjoy each others company. however, this person who we will call THE ONE suddenly started avoiding me. what the heck?

i am so damn sure i did not do anything to demoralize, demean or attack this person.
promise. i am sure (now that i asked it, am i?). anyways, since he avoided me, i also avoided him. fair and square. however, (another one) THE ONE actually borrowed one of my things without my permission. ok, its not borrow its got? and i hate this person who allowed THE ONE to get my stuff! so now we have two characters in the story. THE ONE and THIS PERSON.

i dont exactly know when this will end (i it will ever end). but i tell you i will fight to the last second of this war. you wanted it, ill give you a good one.

okay, next issue please.

UP is still pretty tough. after one semester of adjustments and paranoia over so many things, i finally came to the realization that this is it! this is UP! gosh. the implications of these realizations are far too complex that what it seems.

i just arrived from the Math Building. since there were no TOKI jeepneys, we had to walk to NIGS and ride an IKOT to the dorm. we were wet (together with fellow ECON majors who had exams in the math building today). i actually had my second exam. and mind you it was a good one. a reallly really hard one.

the exam was purposely made to squeeze every neuron from you brain, hahahahahahahahaha (evil laughter with thunder and lightning in the background).

enough for now.

the pic that you see is the corridor where i live in kalayaan res. hall.

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Friday, January 13, 2006

me, myself and i

it has been said more than once that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. while there is some truth to such maxim, it can also postulated that if you only plan and dont act at all, then you also fail. im not exactly going to sermon you about planning whatsoever today, because my text would definitely not run around it in the first place.

so why then do i exist? i exist to do things. actually this blog is a result of too many things to do, so i decided to have a short break and publish one. im suppose to fininsh my fine arts project which is a ornamental lamp with pastillas wrapper of bulacan inspired design. i should also be doing an article for the publicity committe which is fortunately due today. lastly im suppose to study for my first short quiz in history which is only 100 items! (what exactly is being short? relative i guess.)

there is nothing really to fuss about this week. no problems in the dorm and all. i feel that this blog is somehow my therapy. so i can spill all the beans and at the same time gather them back.

i know im sounding senseless, but cant you get the point? the more senseless we are, the more profound we become.


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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

a new beginning

where do i begin? okay, let's see. the very nature of why i am blogging today and why i just opened my blogspot account just this instant is boredom. the very same culprit which attacks me during my history class and econ 11 with a prof. whose name i do not want to reveal (i got a good grade though i often get sleepy. fine prof. actually). im with my friend luigi as of the moment. he is also doing something on the net. i actually did not plan to surf tonight. it is just that i felt like going with him. hahaha.

okay, where am i? yah, boredom. im not really doing anything in the dorm. i was just painting and all (believe it, i do have an artistic side. ask my friends). i like friendster blog but there are just to many messages popping in my email that i got pissed off.

im posting not just for the sake of posting but because im pissed off. i opened too many email accounts for diff. purposes and then i suddenly end up losing all the user names and passwords. damn.

that's it for now.

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