Friday, January 27, 2006

mere passersby

[im so sorry for having a seroius tone these past few entries]

i have always believed that one of my friends is a really true friend, but then again this is another illusion that i only realized when he started to become distant to me. i have known this person for quite a long while (that is, if you consider more that seven months of staying in the same dorm and basically eating the same cafeteria food long enough) and i had really nice, heart to heart talks with this person. this was and is a part of a grand scheme. the scheme is to hide his inner motives which i dont know and i dont care. i would like to warn you that this person is very illusive and cunning. (but don't worry, as soon as i figure out everything ill post it soon, hehehehe yah, i do care. i want to spill it to everyone. hahahaha, how's that for sweet revenge).

im writing this post because i want to tell this person that i never hated him. we were never close enough for me to hate him.
i dont exactly know why he never talks to me or even says "hi". but who the heck cares? he is a mere passerby in my life, together with the thousands of people i've probably encountered. he belongs to the echelon of society who do not and who will not probably leave a mark in my life. i really do hope someone from my corridor (the basement) prints this entry and posts it in the freedom board, for i want this person to know how i feel.

moving on, since he realized that i am mr. invisible, i also did the same. equality, i call it. whenever i meet or see him in the corridors or anywhere, i don't say "hi", smile or do anything. i just go on with my simple yet happy life. he is starting to fade away. all his memories will soon die and it is coming near (im loving it!)
life is pretty the same. i have moved on since he is'nt really a big deal. and to tell you honestly, im enjoying every single second of this.
by the way, let me retract, he has left a mark on me. the longest time i never talked to a friend. hehehe. how's that for a mark PASSERBY?

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Blogger master_of_heartthrobs said...

oh well, finally i was able to see your blog....

sorry pluto, i'm so lethargic to put some cognitive comment here...


maglagay ka naman ng tagboard dito... para may konting "thrill" blog mo....

4:42 PM  
Blogger master_of_heartthrobs said...

argggg.... bakit nga pala ako nag-comment dito... grrrrr.... magakaka-link ka nga pala sa "mga blog" ko.... oh well, i have to delete them all

4:50 PM  
Blogger Jam said...

oh your best post thus far. i looove it. i might as well be the one to print it out. so long as your print out mine, too. hehe! no mine is so fuckin' blatant.

by the way. there's an error in your link to my blog. it's supposed to be ONLY but you mistakenly added it to the url of your blog. anyway, see for yourself. i'd love it if you correct it.

can't wait for him to read OUR blogpostsss... this is no less sweeter than a ton of chocolat.

11:49 AM  
Blogger Donya Quixote said...

*chevy in gossip mode*

who's mr. invisible?


*end mode*

linked you on my blog. :D

4:10 PM  

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