Wednesday, January 25, 2006


im writing this entry as a desperate measure to spill all my frustrations.

it has been quite a while since i did not talk to somebody in the dorm. it is not my fault why i am doing this. before, we would casually talk and enjoy each others company. however, this person who we will call THE ONE suddenly started avoiding me. what the heck?

i am so damn sure i did not do anything to demoralize, demean or attack this person.
promise. i am sure (now that i asked it, am i?). anyways, since he avoided me, i also avoided him. fair and square. however, (another one) THE ONE actually borrowed one of my things without my permission. ok, its not borrow its got? and i hate this person who allowed THE ONE to get my stuff! so now we have two characters in the story. THE ONE and THIS PERSON.

i dont exactly know when this will end (i it will ever end). but i tell you i will fight to the last second of this war. you wanted it, ill give you a good one.

okay, next issue please.

UP is still pretty tough. after one semester of adjustments and paranoia over so many things, i finally came to the realization that this is it! this is UP! gosh. the implications of these realizations are far too complex that what it seems.

i just arrived from the Math Building. since there were no TOKI jeepneys, we had to walk to NIGS and ride an IKOT to the dorm. we were wet (together with fellow ECON majors who had exams in the math building today). i actually had my second exam. and mind you it was a good one. a reallly really hard one.

the exam was purposely made to squeeze every neuron from you brain, hahahahahahahahaha (evil laughter with thunder and lightning in the background).

enough for now.

the pic that you see is the corridor where i live in kalayaan res. hall.

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