Tuesday, January 10, 2006

a new beginning

where do i begin? okay, let's see. the very nature of why i am blogging today and why i just opened my blogspot account just this instant is boredom. the very same culprit which attacks me during my history class and econ 11 with a prof. whose name i do not want to reveal (i got a good grade though i often get sleepy. fine prof. actually). im with my friend luigi as of the moment. he is also doing something on the net. i actually did not plan to surf tonight. it is just that i felt like going with him. hahaha.

okay, where am i? yah, boredom. im not really doing anything in the dorm. i was just painting and all (believe it, i do have an artistic side. ask my friends). i like friendster blog but there are just to many messages popping in my email that i got pissed off.

im posting not just for the sake of posting but because im pissed off. i opened too many email accounts for diff. purposes and then i suddenly end up losing all the user names and passwords. damn.

that's it for now.

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