Friday, July 28, 2006


my nose is like a faucet coz i have a runny nose. im exaggerating (spelling right?). i am applying for this org and tradition says i should get a buddy. so i bought my buddy (it was an auction) for P2500, yup. two thousand, five hundred pesos. that is equivalent to four havaianas tops. but that is okay, ill be paying it in installments (im poor) together with my partner, so that makes it P1, 250. but definitely our buddy is so cool and helpful. yup! hes cute but taken (sorry girls). hope we get in the org.

im having a headache. my body hurts coz my teacher in PE (weightraining) insisted i try the heavy stuff and should perfect the form of lifting stuff. waaaaaaah!!! it was fun but so so tiring (why did ieven choose it in the first place?!). so here i am in the Shopping center, making my speech outline which i forgot to make which is due today. whew! what a day.

i was in katipunan yesterday and i saw "joaqui", that guy from PBB teen. hes from ateneo now. not really interesting. so so so. i was with my buddy and partner etc. we ate dinner somewhere and hanged out at Seattle's best....

im so happy. am i?
can someone give me havaianas?
41-42, brown top
41-42, green brazil
41-42, white brazil
41-42, yellow brazil
thank you. ill hug and kiss whoever gives me any (or all) of the above mentioned.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

ang pagdadalaga ni pluto!, i never knew you had to bet for your partner? akala ko powermatching kayo???? kami powermatching na! and do you have to describe your partner as "cute"? thats so...whats the worD?! here, you either get a bitchy partner, a nice one, or the one that gives you a headache! oh well, bitchy wouldnt be bad, para dlawa na kami! hahah...c u in the next competition,, hopefully magkabanga tayo./.and we will squash you! Joke---rOn

3:49 PM  

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