Thursday, May 18, 2006

peace-D OFF

it was a normal day for me, with the everyday routine of waking up at 10 am. eat brunch of either bread, cereals or fried rice and fried fish (i stopped eating pork a few weeks ago, i am slowly going veggan or vegan whatever!). then read a book, watch tv and sleep. but i dont know what happened i thought of going to the beach. the weather that day was not so fine. the sky was not so clear but i analyzed that this was the perfect time to go to the beach because only a little sunlight can penetrate the earth's atmosphere and will lessen the UV... yadayadayada....

i changed into my bikini trunks, board shorts, and white shirt and packed my stuff in a native picnic basket.

i armed myself with nivea sunblock spf 30, a hammock, speedo googles, great political theories by michael curtis, my jurassic phone, some coins, a special absorbent cloth and a visor i am ready to hit the bitch, ahem, i mean the beach

i was really enjoying the view, after setting up my hammock i started drinking my not so cold sprite. haaaah, paradise at last.

but suddenly these pesky, noisy kids started playing right in front of my den and arrrghhhh! it was horrible. paradise found now lost.

i was wishing in my mind that i hope something happens and so these pesky kids would leave and booo! my wish came true. i am mean. one of the kids got hurt while playing, it was just minor abrasions and slight injuries... hehehe, kidding, . they left. the coast was clear again.

i left at around 7pm. it was dark but beautifully stunning. the sound of the gentle waves massaging the graceful sand and the sun slowly hiding in the night.

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Blogger Jam said...

i can sooo feel that. you write too damn well pluts.

7:01 PM  

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