Tuesday, April 04, 2006

back to where i was


april 2 06
i left the dorm after going to a church service with my sis, and gosh i got senti and all. anyways, i could remember all the things that has happened to me in kalai and god, it was just too overwhelming. anyways, ali helped me with this so heavy box which ive filled with so many readings, books and other academic stuff. end.

april 3 06
i woke up early to meet my old schoolmates in UP. normal.

when i arrived in the aitport, gosh! i packed so many things that i had an excess baggage of 13 kilos, almost 500 pesos was paid for that. consider it a shame. hehehe.

im hopeful this coming second sem, ryan and arpee (with me of course) will hopefully live in this boarding house. it actually has a veranda. cool. i met bryan batac in Palma hall too and damn hes getting fat (gained weight, am i too mean?) and that is good news coz hes living in a boarding house! but im i dont want to get fat, i want a fit body. i just want to gain a few kilos...

anyways, keep on posting guys...

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Blogger Jam said...

hi pluto! keep us posted about your whereabouts this summer :))

9:20 PM  
Anonymous Bry said...

Oi!Pluto! Di ako mataba! Tamang tama lang! Di mo ako gustong maging kaaway. Hmph. At bakit buong pangalan ko ang ginamit mo? Grabe kay laking kahihiyan ang dinulot mo sa akin!

10:57 PM  

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