Thursday, June 29, 2006

a minute before my PE class

gosh, no time for all those sot of posts.
waaaaah, im runnning late for my PE class.
im pretty much the same.
ok. ill end this.
okay, uhmmmm... waaaah.
ok, promise, ill end.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

.... hi!!!!
guess everyone is pretty busy.. hehehe, ayesha's b-day is in two weeks and i haven't lost a single pound..huhu.. our dresses already arrived along with our shoes and fancy jewelries.. and did i mention free hair and make-up on her big day... pretty bongga, and did i tell you... der will b fireworks 4 the finale...i can't stop fuzzing bout her big day, i saw all her dresses with matching tiaras, the candles, the ballons... all sent by her mom who for some reason couldn't even come to see her daughter turn eighteen...and you thought it would be a happy ending... :( but enough about her....:) ikaw, Musta??? see you in december with our donuts... hahaha..... good luck in your studies... and wish us luck too, nursing is getting harder every minute.. hehe...GB & TC.. text pud!!! (",)

6:16 PM  

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