Friday, July 21, 2006

First post in New Skin?!

as i begin using this new skin, id like to thank the person who made it possible: CHEVY, i have linked her in my blog so feel free to surf over hers, bwahahahahaha ( evil laugh with thunder and lightning plus drum roll and the "tana-nana-nana")


to Ayesha and Jam:

happy 18th bday.
yesh, though i wasnt there during your bonggatious party (with the 11tier cake, live band, 4 sets of gowns and tiaras, imported candles and balloons, custom made gowns from US for the cottillion, and the fireworks plus men and ladies all prim and proper), im sure you enjoyed it. though i wanted to go, an airplane ride is just too costly, ill just probably hug you in december... the baby is now a lady.

happy 18th bday.
jammy, for all the talks we had, thank you. im sure you had a blast too and im sure you are really doing well. i wish for more pompous stuff and keep the fire of glamour burning. where's the glamour? you! are the glamour.

im rushing the bibliography of my Art Stud class and i hate it. going through all that microfilm made me dizzy. uggggh! (operation bonamine : free sponsorships please). well i dont really have plans this coming weekend... i guess ill just sleep. im deprived of it (really now?!).

got to go.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

... earth to pluto....

greetings from your fellow earthling!!!

u really have thank CHEVY for ur new skin, its really nice... and the slipper matches ur custom made havis.. i don't know wen i'll ever have a pair, its too impractical at the moment... huhu... but i wouldn't mind if you'll be wrapping up a pair for me, december is not that long anyways... i can wait for it...
so u wont have any trouble, im a size seven and a half, and would prefer the havis high in a neutral hue... brown would be best... hehe... see u in december (with my havis from u for free!) :)

6:40 PM  

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