Friday, August 25, 2006

Christian Rillera

"nobody cares when the
tears of a clown fall down"
Christian Rillera

Happy birthday my kalai roomate! i miss you. well, you are really growing up fast (both in age and in height). im sure you are enjoying your life. i hope for all the best and i am always here for you in case you need (or dont need, i will bug you) me. bwahahahahahaha. it is your birthday. yup, yours and not mine. today, God created something really fantastic and that is me, joking, that is YOU.

i wanted to post a pic here but then, i left my flashdrive and so... whatever.
may God bless you roomate on all your endeavors.

the trackback series will continue in a few weeks so keep in touch.

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Blogger Xtian_UPD_PolSci said...

I really miss you rimn room mate. Talk about extreme nostalgia. Thanks. My first year in UP has been so memorable because of you. Couoldn't thank you enough.


7:11 AM  

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