Thursday, August 03, 2006

life as it is

"the sea is my violent past, Now i belong
to the safekeeping of your palm"

sheena jamora
from the poem 'The Shell'
ikot jeepney, UP Diliman
aug, 3, 2006

i was doing my routine. after my class, i would ride an ikot jeepney and go wherever life will take me (actually to the next class). then my attention was caught by this poem (only an exerpt of the poem can be seen). its kinda nice. the poem is a part of the project of UP Quill (uyyy... free promotion). made me think that all the bad things that were currently experiencing is but-and will be part of the past, and somehow, somewhere we will be secured someday (yuck, sounds mushy).

am i making sense here? whatever.


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Blogger Donya Quixote said...

I love those jeepney poems. Nakakaaliw talaga.


11:42 AM  
Blogger anna katrina said...

ooh... speaking of poetry, we had a gay-lesbian-feminist poetry reading yesterday sa Luce Lobby. Nice kaayo! I read a really nice and sensual (erotic???) poem by Danton Remoto. Finally, Silliman is being more open to the arts... something that only SURE can give. Hehehehehehehehehehehe ^_^ Miss you pluto! come back na!

8:30 AM  
Blogger remrick said...

yeah,the poetry's great... ei plutz, I hear you're getting rave reviews as an applicant for UPDS? ever the debater,you make us proud... Awsh... hehe... Anyway, God bless on all your undertakings... And oh, you're right: we really do need to get a handle on our lives now that we're eighteen... c",

6:19 PM  

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