Thursday, October 05, 2006

goodness me

this post is so so so overdue. i guess i got so busy for the past weeks that i havent given much attention to my blog. poor pluto. i heard lately that the new 9th planet is eris or something, whatever. i dont care anymore. so what right? anyways, the storm milenyo is such a pain in the ass. we had no electricity for like four long days, good thing there was water.

anyways, i hope i get to tryouts for NDC. i havent completed my debate quota yet. im sick. i had fever but its gone now. im only having cough and a runny nose. it is so so irritating. im taking medications though, solmux and cephalexin. i hate rain.

i have three papers to make and it is not fun. ermingarde. im having a class by 1 and i have to pass a paper. ill make it in a few minutes. i think i miss my parents and my neice back in the province, but it wouldnt really matter. hope ill get fine. ermingarde, this is so boring. crap.

till next post.

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Blogger pam said...

alright!! you're alive!hehehe. tc. and gudlack

10:24 PM  

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