Friday, February 23, 2007

what is happening?

for the past few weeks i have been drifting. drifting from where? i really dont know. this is probably the feeling when youre boat sinks and all you do is hang on to a floating piece of wood, waiting to reach some unknown island. not exactly boring yet not that happy.

sometimes i feel that there is just to much and yet i have none at the same time. im going to share a poem i made back in grade school since it somewhat fits my crisis right now.


so near, yet so far
its in front of you, yet it is not
you can touch it, yet you cannot
you see it, but then you cannot
they say im stupid, they say im fine
wonder why?

pathetic right? oh, im so bad in poetry. tsk tsk tsk. shame on me.
gosh, why did i even think of posting it here? waaaahhh.

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