Monday, January 08, 2007

hello there

it has been a long time since i posted an entry in this blog. gosh! i had so many problems with my password and username so i wasnt able to access it. loser. anyways, so here i am, back on track.

oh, hi to ZHP (from mexico), the guy from croatia (sorry, forgot your name)
, and my friends in the philippines.

yesterday (sunday), my friend jenny and i went to this mall and we got completely insane. we had to rush things since jenny had to catch the dorm curfew. it was just so crazy. imagine eating at taco bell so fast that we could hardly taste what we were eating? (kidding, but it was really quick). uhmm, pretty hard right?

so anyways, here i am, back to my usual school routine. theres an upcoming debate tournament and i dont even know if id qualify to tryout because i havent finished the debate quota yet. too bad.

the philippine economy is improving though despite regular fluctuations in the dollar exchange rate. i felt kinda bad when saddam hussein was hanged to death. were not close but i felt bad. that probably means i really have a 'good heart' (har har har har).


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

shame shame shame! dont be fooled by that sugar coated OC. hahhaha

6:19 PM  

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