Thursday, February 22, 2007

big shame

an appeal to the voting populace of the philippines:
(disclaimer: all the things written here are all opinions only. the things placed here are not claiming to be facts. these are just emotional and linguistical explosions of a paranoid individual)

i dont like alan peter cayetano. he is one of the those noisy people from the opposition who does nothing except probably to bash on the current administration. thats precisely the problem with philippine politics. the opposition oppose to everything and anything that is done by the administration just so they can get 30 seconds of airtime in television or so that people can say they are 'working.' shame on them. that sort of shitty type of politics never fails to turn me off. crap.

theres a reason why i dedicated this entry to one of my most hated people living on earth (as of the moment). mr. cayetano got 31.7 percent in the recent pulse asia survey for the top senatoriable. this is not to give an applause to him, instead this is an outburst of total disgust.

i concede im getting a bit off with my logic but carry on and ill try to gather myself.

before the 2007 elections came what did we hear about mr. alan peter cayetano? i never heard of him before. i never read a publication where hes being talked about for let us say passing a bill, being a stench supporter or 'un-supporter' of anyone. hes practically unheard of. but during the climax of both the 'garci controversy' and the 'failed gloria impeachmeant', he was there. incidentaly or coincidentaly the event took place a few months before the national elections. hmmmm.... people with schemes never fail to surprise us. exactly, it was all part of a big plan.

i believe not one family in the philippines or the world has a monopoly of intelligence and the sense of responsiblity. apparently in the philippines certain families think that they have a calling from above or below. they flood the senate, the congress and other public positions with their family members. the cayetanos are not an exception. remember, we still have pia in the senate! pia is the sister of peter (duh?!).

i have nothing against pia. she pushes for women's rights and environmental protection, in fairness to her she's doing pretty well but what about peter? hmmmmm... he claims to be for the youth, i doubt.

i am no god.
i am no preacher.
i am not perfect.
i am a bit rightist.
but sometimes left.
the point is, im paranoid.
but that doesnt erase the fact that alan peter cayetano doesnt deserve to sit in the senate.

and you vote for him probably because you are:
1. a leftist who thinks the world will be a better place if we have a revolution and rally against any administration.
2. peter bought you, using the pork barrel fund.
3. you were convinced by his cool television commercials (they are cute after all compared to mike arroyo's)
4. you have a sponge for a brain.
5. you are a cousin, nephew, or what have you of peter.

he belongs somewhere else, probably in the toilet. where else should you put crap?

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Blogger RV Vitorio said...

hear! hear!

please write a post like this for loren legarda. i really hate that bitch.

duh, her thesis is about the paintings of vicente manansala. and yes, she's from mass comm. stupid girl!

9:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i second that :)-ron

3:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes I agree with you. Cayetano is a modern day undercover trapo he's concealing it with his mouth blabbing
dramas , same with CRAZY CHIZ,both of them will do nothing but filibustering in the senate that will destabilize our government and economy as well. They look like candidates for the PINOY IDOL ,wowowowie or eat bulaga contests. Kengkoy political ads.
by noni v.

12:29 PM  
Anonymous Cris Reyes said...

Going through your stupid blog, i can see why you aren't in touch with what going on... you've been too self absorbed in your virtual make believe world where you think people actualy care about things you say. You're pathetic. get a life. read a newspaper. go to congress ,watch the debates. Go to the streets, talk to people. Kakahiya mga sinusulat mo sa blog, kaya pinagtatawanan tayong mga taga UP eh, mga tulad mo, trying hard.

1. Pangilinan
2. Noynoy
3. Cayetano
4. Escudero

4:08 AM  
Anonymous Lisa Reyes said...

Hi! I just want to share that im voting for ALAN CAYETANO! and im proud of it! im voting for Alan, Chiz and NoyNoy...

If you havent heard of alan cayetano before, its your loss, he's been one of the brightest young stars of congress. Ive been keeping track of him since i did a paper on spice bohys/bright boys 5 years ago, im dissapointed with the likes of Zubiri and Defensor...

4:12 AM  

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