Monday, February 19, 2007

on vice night, hearts day and manny pacquiao

vice night
feb 16 07

i know what youre thinking. no. we did not get drunk or smoke. up debate society's vice night is fun even if nobody got drunk. fine, we only drank a few bottles of beer. anyways, the highlight of the party was a pusoy-dos tournament. and yup, i didnt win. i lost three times and won once which means i couldnt qualify in the break rounds. frustrating, i know. i didnt join the swimming too. im so pathetic, i brought swim stuff yet didnt use it. argggh!!! i sound weird right? but i had clean fun!

hearts day
feb 14 07

nothing. just another day. honest, its just another day. plain and simple. i hate people who make a big fuss about this stupid day. i mean, giving flowers, dates etc. its just so so mushy. eeeek! fine! i know, im loveless so that is why i so so abhore it. but if you had something special on this day, i dont care.

manny pacquiao

hes running for congressman. crap! imagine, a boxer who never finished high school, running for congress. is he crazy! no! hes not crazy, he is stupid! dont vote for him people of mindanao. waaaah! mommy pacquiao (manny's mom) told manny not to run. i think manny's mom has brains. mommy pacquiao knows for a fact that this sudden move is really bad. the sad thing is that her son doesnt think. uggggh! whats happening to the philippines?!

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Blogger tina said...

speaking of manny pacquiao.. i almost forgot.. he died in my dreams.. dunno why.

10:00 AM  
Anonymous andianka said...

nagrereklamo ka jan... yeah it sucks that he's running...pero imagine. kahit nga yung mga nakakulong tatakbo eh. what's up with that?! hay, what the world is coming into?!

1:32 AM  

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